Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Depressive Mondays

This post will go without photos, for if you have not already made a photo album in your mind for the following TV shows, then...go fight a duel. And lose it. And die. But less heroically that our dear Xander Hamilton.

(T)AHP abhors television stations.

Ah yes, they do bring some enjoyable programming; however, for them the TV shows aren't mere facets of entertainment, but lucrative deals to create moolah for the honchos as 30 Rock (not to be confused with Tina Fey's delightful sitcom.)

These stations are the man. They are the man who cancels your favorite show midway through its sixth season. They are the man who creates spin-offs that ruin the originals, but still make money. These are the man that decides to have the Fonz literally jump a shark, starting a trend of horrible plot lines that ruin incredible TV. These are the men that hog the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and Emmys for their own shows, while denying little shows the limelight.

Here are three examples:

The Gilmore Girls. While it is true that the show-stopping team of Amy Sherman-Palladino and husband Daniel Palladino created a wonderful show, they were lured by the man into the land of Jezabel. And primetime. And non-CW/WB/UPN networks. And killed a great plot line. Lorelai had something with Luke, Rory was not lovelorn, and everything was filled with the witty banter of Sookie and Stars Hollow gang. But when the man got full control of the show, he turned it into a glorified OC. Where's the Kirk?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon makes masterpiece. Masterpiece gets tiring for programmers. The man creates a final season, and a spin-off, and bites the neck of a great TV show--(if you think of it Angel is the living dead Buffy.)

And finally, Project Runway.

If Lifetime and the Weinsteins ruin this Bravo-licious show (regardless of the fact that Top Design and Shear Genius were bad), there will be hell and yards of chiffon to pay.

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