Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Hamilton- URS Day

And for your blogging pleasure, a slightly incredible tidbit of info about Alexander Hamilton:

Did you know that Presidents and Governors are not the only politicians to have sex scandals? Well, by golly, it's true!

Alexander Hamilton's career and reputation were (almost) destroyed when he was involved with Maria Reynolds. Things got ugly when her husband found out. The husband, when convicted of counterfeiting, told James Monroe and Aaron Burr. Rumors spread and Hamilton told everyone about his dirty little did, that he indeed had sexual affairs with that woman. He almost dueled Monroe because of it! But Aaron Burr stepped in, and calmed him down...

Hamilton from that day forward dueled a lot apparently. But not to worry, the American public has forgiven him.

Besides, it's not like FDR and JFK (who are on other bits of currency) had their own affairs. Pfft.

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