Monday, March 31, 2008

Manic Depressive Mondays.

We federalists like to hate on stuff. It goes way back to the XYZ affair. And, to continue this tradition, we’re going through the ABC’s of hate. No amount of lithium can stifle this Manic-depressive Monday.

We abhor that show The Hills. We don't understand why it is on television.
the hills

We admit, we're a little misinformed. We've only seen two episodes of that show and couldn't get through an entire half hour of Laguna Beach. Nonetheless, we cannot stand it.

First off, its the cast. Their uninteresting lives, their lack of facial expressions, the sheer entiltlement of it all.

Lauren Conrad has a completly astounding lack of charisma. Its quite a feat to be able to freeze our over-emotional hearts. And those fabric scarves she wears piss us off. What's the point? They don't keep your neck warm if they're woven with linen. Also, don't the live in L.A.?

Lauren Conrad

And, personally, (T)AHP don't quite buy that whole Lauren vs. Heidi fued. We don't quite believe they were originally friends. We don't quite believe Heidi is a real person and not a robot.

We don't care if her boobs or his mustache is fake. (Blonde guys with facial hair shouldn't happen.) Their little photoshoots are, and that's just gross. So's this:

Seriously, though. Its bad enough that we kinda keep up with the Kardashians. Why must we be subjected to faux-celebutaunts? And, on one final note,


You're welcome.

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Emma said...

Ugh, I totally agree!Who cares about a bunch of spoiled rich kids who live in California, or anywhere for that matter?Honestly, reality tv seems to get worse and worse!